Pride Acrostic Tasks

At the last Queer of the Unknown we gave people the task of writing PRIDE themed acrostic poems. Here are the results! (Winners at the end)


Political prisoners of too many centuries

Revolutions should be bringing us closer

Inhuman systems appear like chemical bondage

Desire is to be followed not leaders

Escape this or die trying

– Ben Willems



Reading the

Independent makes me



– Anon


Pride isn’t the theme, love is the theme

Realistic love, that can be wed, can be trained.

It’s a love that is acceptable, no longer goes against the grain. You let us pay our

Debts, of longstanding love made firm. Its the kind of love you can package. And I’m grateful we’re given

Even this chance to be loud

– Becca


Plenty, will at this time of year

Risk the scorn, the boo’s, the jeers

Imitate Madonna, Gaga, Ms Spears

Dance like no-ones watching

Enjoying ourselves because we are queers

– Jon and Paul


Pick yourself up and count to eleven,

Rist the temptation to be one too many

Index for their liking.

Dance in the wonder of your necessity,

Exist in the surety that you are here for a reason, we need you

– Sophie


P is for Political because PRIDE IS A PROTEST

R is for Rage because its not just rainbows and smiles

I is for Intimidation because THE POLICE R SCUM

D is for Demanding a space, a presence and a seat at all the tables

E is for (seperate but) Equ… fuck off.

– Embla


P is for PROCESSION through Manchester streets

R is for RIP OFF that you have to pay

I is for INDIVIDUALITY lost in the status quo of expression

D is for DILUTION of the founding revolutionary spirit

E is for EVOLUTION! lets evolve back into our radiant roots!

– Anonymous


Present and correct we stand in

Ranks too numerous to be counted.

In a single voice we cry united,

Demanding the right to be free, to

Extinguish the darkness and stand in sunlight

– Clare


Pip is excellent

Really really excellent

Incredibly excellent

Definitely excellent


– Pip


And the winner of the funny poem prize:


Pride is for pigs who smash in out faces

R is for radical change

I is for I’m not proud of cis gay men buying into the hegemonic heteronormative discourse by getting hitched and shouting about the batter being over, over the bodies of trans women of colour

D is for Don’t you realise there’s more important shit to do you wankers?

E is for egotistical white men, just like everything else.

– Rohan


and joint winners of the serious poem prize:


Pink pounds, people parading around

Revolution? not in this town

Identity, fragmentedly,

Divided and ruled

Eventually, maybe, we’ll see we’ve been fooled

– Steve




Pluck your eyebrows.

Rip your leg hair.

Insert chicken fillets.

Dye your do fair.

Everyone wants a straight passing girl, give us a twirl, darling.

– Greta

Poetry Workshop 13th Aug

This month’s workshop focused on performance and utilised three study poems (below). 

• WARM UP- for the warm up we played poetry ‘consequences’. Each participant wrote two lines of poetry and then folded their page so only the second line was visible. They then passed it to the left and the next person did the same (another two lines then folding it so that their second line is visible and passed it on). We did this until the poem had returned to the person who started it and they wrote one final line and titled the piece (without reading it). We then took turns in reading them out.

• STUDY POEMS- We watched three poems

Rafeef Ziadah- We Teach Life, Sir

Suheir Hammad- First Writing Since

Danez Smith- Dear White America

After which we broke out into three groups, one poem per group and spoke about the poem considering the three points below.
1. What was the poet’s performance style? (Pace, rhythm, volume, gestures, tone, speed, enunciation, manner, posture, emotion, facial expression)
2. What devices did the poet use in the writing of their poem? (Metaphor, alliteration, assonance, simile, theme, lists, senses , repetition, inversion, contrast, oxymoron, irony, onomatopoeia, stiking lines)
3. How did the performance style and the devices used help communicate their political, social or personal message/experience?

After this we feedback in our groups.

• WRITING- The group was given three prompts/devices to attempt to use in their writing, one from each poem.
Rafeef Ziadah- We Teach Life, Sir- Repetition
Suheir Hammad- First Writing Since- Locality and nationality ‘Never felt less American and more Brooklyn(…)’
Danez Smith- Dear White America- Letter format (Dear ______)

The group had 15 minutes to write.

• PERFORMANCE- we each performed what we had written whilst concentrating on our voices, we thought about pace, volume, and breathing.

• FEEDBACK- Unfortunately we didn’t have time to feedback, hopefully we will next time.

Fairy tasks

Here are the other poems given as part of the task on the first Queer of the Unknown.  The poetry task used a line from the film Maleficent “you could say she was a girl, but really she was a fairy” as a prompt.


You might think she is a girl,

But really she’s a fairy

She builds paper trees from origami flowers.

folding herself into complex shapes

to slip between the gaps in this world and others,

and keeps secrets in the crease of her smile.


You might think she’s a girl,

but really she’s immortal,

she is the setting sun on the heads of vicious men

who compliment the folds of her skin

by shouting “fat bitch” out of car windows

while she flies, aware and oblivious,

into her second floor flat window,

craft knife folded in her hand.


You might think she’s a girl

But really shes a revolution,

holding the future in her skin

and a knife in her hand

She’s spent more time making wings than making plans,

Because she’s always known, unlike dickheads in cars,

that she was made to fly.


– by Loz




You thought she was a girl but really a fairy

Some mistaken her as a gorilla coz she’s reallly quite hairy

but if she could be any kind of animal she says she’ll be a frog

but theres no lakes around here so she has to swim in a bog.

Some call it a toilet, some call it a lavatory

but she doesn’t care what you call it,

coz whereever she swims she’s happy

she’s found victory


– anonymous




You may think that she is a girl

But really she is a fairy

She was born from a pearl

and is very, very hairy.

Her wings may seem to curl

but when you see how they unfurl

You’ll know the magic that is Mary!


– Allie




You might think she’s a girl but really she’s a faery

Her skirt is colourful and her legs are hairy

She has a pet snake which is sometimes quite scary

And she bakes faery cakes which are light and airy


You might think shes ordinary but really she’s magic

from any one of her hats she can pull out out a rabbit

Although if she does it too much it ends up quite tragic

Cos her best friends are her snake, cat, and wolf which is rabid


You might think she walks, mostly she flies

She can appear and disappear in front of your eyes

If she wamts to she can read your mind

But she won’t usually do it as she doesn’t like to pry


You might think she’s young, but really she’s ancient

She looks great for her age and she’s very patient

She’s been waiting to meet you for a thousand ages

So please forgive her if she eats all the cakes that your granny sent


You may think she’s good but she’s really mischievous

Her main purpose in life is to confuse and deceive us

She likes to hide objects for no obvious reason

And make hair stand up ad curl and gold the breeze on


You might think she’s a girl but really she’s a faery

She seems meek at first but when you get to know her she’s quite lairy

She likes ice cream mixed with raspberries

and inspires sill poems like this one about a faery.


– Michelle

I am a Sprite!

Here is the “silly poem” prize winner from the first Queer of the Unknown poetry task. The poetry tasked used a line from the film Maleficent “you could say she was a girl, but really she was a fairy” as a prompt. It was written by Cyd, and goes to the tune of I will survive.


At first I was afraid I was petrified

Kept wondering why I’d wake yo floating 10 feet high

I wished I had a cat

transmogrified my dad

realised I must have powers Oh WOW I AM A SPRITE

I am a sprite!

I am a sprite!

check out these fucking awesome wings

and sparkly trail of light

I have many charms to give

My dad hangs out in bins

Don’t think ill ever change him back

coz I never got on with him

I am a sprite!

words bodies words bodies

Here is the “serious poem” prize winner from the first Queer of the Unknown poetry task. The poetry tasked used a line from the film Maleficent “you could say she was a girl, but really she was a fairy” as a prompt. It was written by someone under the pseudonym “NOT Charlie Veich (fermented beans)”



“___________ __________________ ______________”

words bodies words bodies



strimming foot pulsing neck

what limits can we know?

a construct with a social force

obeslisk – mountain – vapour – fog

beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder

unless the beholder is constructed

by historical processes unfolding

across a social body like tides

or winds or tides

where was I?

before now.

who? before now?